Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wikia's Maya Hart Main Article

At the bottom of my Wikia page, it has a quiz or a question you can answer about me in the show and you seriosuly won't believe what the question was. And I quote "Do you think Farkle & Maya will date some day?" and I was like...No! Other people thought different. I mean seriously come on, out of every shipping on the show, mine and Farkle's is the second most common after Riley and Lucus's who are obviously going to get together. Wow, this is outrageous. Okay, well I am going to prove Wikia and all their little contributors wrong. They want to see Maya and Farkle? Well they can see Maya and Farkle....NEVER HAPPEN! So, yeah it's only in his dreams. That is just unlucky for him, great for me. So yeah that's basically it.

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