Sunday, November 30, 2014

This Time Was Different?

The title, it's a line from my song but it wasn't a question in my song. The song I just replayed for the 30th time in the past 24 hours. So last night was not as bad as it could've been, I guess. So Lucas called me in the middle of me yelling at Ginger about how awful my friends are. He said he was sorry and other things that are not appropriate for the whole family. So I agreed to come over and we all realized the stupid mistakes me made and shockingly made everything right. Auggie was saying that Riley was not the cruel we assumed she was. He really believed it. Lucas was being normal to Farkle, like episodes and he was soooo happy. This time was different! I smiled. Then we did that stupid old (no, it is seriously getting old) boys and girls challenge. We actually made it through pre-round. It was such a shock! I actually got to meaningfully go for once. But continuing to round 1 was a big mistake. Farkle and Riley went into round 1 and did it properly and completed it too. Normal, right? They will never get through less rounds than we do, common sense. I didn't have to talk to Riley at all, so that is why I agreed to come over and I considered it "going to Auggie's house" so I was okay. Then in between round 1, Riley started crying and she does it everytime there is a break between 2 groups going. So, I was sick of her taking my turn up and making it about her, so I annoyingly slapped my head in annoyance. Here comes a miracle. Lucas stuck up for...Riley! OMG, miracles!!! Miracle? No. Totally predictable outcome? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! So I was shocked, actually for once not expecting that. So I turned away, my turn was abolished and it was all over. Then I had my back, crying for a couple minutes and after that, this is the stupidest move of the night. Nobody said a thing. Then Lucas accused Farkle of going with me. What the talc!?! (Talc? Oh forget it for now!) So Farkle was highly offended, he didn't do a single thing to make anyone believe he was helping me. Riley was just as much helping me as Farkle was. Even Lucas himself was. So Farkle defended his and Riley's case and we went to bed like that. Awfully in that case. This time was different? No, it was exactly how it was last time. Broken. Then this morning, me and Riley started havick and she took Lucas on her team, tote's predic's. So I took Farkle? Nope. I knew that was no solution. I took Auggie. And we were like that for the rest of the time. So, that is how it is. Exactly how it was before. This time was different? No.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Ex-Friends Closer

Yeah, I know long title, get over it. So I know it is actually a pretty good title for this topic. So, yesterday you may have viewed on Auggie's blog, Auggie's Blog of Coloring and Mr. Googly, that Auggie met some new friends. He originally met them on Google+ and then invited them over. He does so often. So then they were all on his and Riley's side, met them, knew them and they knew me from what Riley told them, which clearly gave me a bad image. Her name is Emily Williams. She is 15 years old and lives a block away from her parents house with her 3 adopted kids, Adam (Age 4), Sophie (Age 2) and Violet (Age 4 months). So I got a message from Emily saying Auggie told her all about me, which doesn't really surprise me. I know Auggie would have the intention to bring me up, never would he meet someone and not let them know about me. So I assumed she knew me as how Riley would have explained me to be and apparently she knew differently, from what Auggie told her. So she knew about Lucas hitting me on November 10th and then on November 23rd and all that stuff and Riley's talc-like attitude and betrayal. She said she was on my side and would protect me from both of them and I agree that is a smart idea, keep me away from those talc-suckers. Yeah, that's right, they suck talc. So yeah that is great, magnificent. And that is no sarcasm. Auggie calls sarcasm, carsasm. Anyway. So she is on my side and Auggie recalls that she is betraying them because Auggie was pulled onto the dark side (A.K.A Riley's trap of evil). So I don't blame him, but she is way better than anyone else I knew, even Farkle. Lucas was really nice to me, but with that comes really mean to me too. Hit me 5 times in one month. I know the exact dates, I said it. Twice on November 10th and 3 times on November 23rd. So yeah, that is it. So the boys anc girls challenge. That's a treat. Monday, Sarah told me not to do it because I never got to go. Monday night, I agreed to do it and never got a turn, which made the moment ten times better for her when she said "I told ya so!" and that was great, just had to tell ya that. So I can see Emily is gonna be a good friend. I can count on her, for now. As in, Riley can capture anyone. If she got Auggie from me, she can get anyone. So ouch, I should watch my back. Maybe so she doesn't kick me in the gutt again and make me throw up an hour later. But still! Literally. So wish me luck with Riley the Talc. I should make that a movie. "Riley the Talc! Starring Riley Matthews, Created by Maya Hart" Classic! Well keep up with The 99 Problems of Maya Hart and remember to check back again soon!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Walkin' In a Winter Wonderland

Today was supposed to be one of the worst days of my life. Last night, Riley kicked me hard in the stomach because she wouldn't get off the bed so I can fix the sheet, so she kicked me hard. I went to Mr. and Mrs. Matthews' room and Auggie was in there with them. "Riley kicked me in the stomach" I said holding my waist. "What! Why?" Mrs. Matthews cried, sitting up and facing me. I walked over to the bed and stood beside it. "She wouldn't get off the bed so I can fix the sheet" I said. "Well, are you okay Maya?" she asked. "I just wanna go home" I cried. "Okay, Auggie walk her down" she said. Auggie got off the bed and took my hand and lead me downstairs. "You wanna know something?" I asked. "What?" he said looking up at me. I bent down onto one knee and looked him dead in the eye. "Your sister, has sharp things" I said. "For what?" he asked. "To make parallel little cuts across her wrist" I said smiling. "Why?" he asked tilting his head, looking confused. I smiled at him and stood up. "See ya" I said opening the door and leaving. I walked all the way back to my house, I thought I was going to die. The door was locked so I jiggled the door handle for a couple seconds. Then I stuck my hair pin in it and it opened. I threw my bag on the ground. My mom came out of her room looking concerned like it was some sort of robber. "Oh...It's just you" she said sighing with relief. "Just me?" I asked walking into the kitchen. She followed me in and watched me open a pop can. "Why aren't you at Riley's?" she asked. "Eh, we had a fight" I said struggling to open my pop can. "Oh, well I'm sorry" she said. "I'm not" I smiled finally getting the pop can open. "Well, I'll be upstairs" she said walking up. I finished my pop and went upstairs. I sat in bed on my phone for a while, when I suddenly felt sick and I ended up throwing up all over my bedroom floor. I woke up the next morning and at 1pm, I got a call from Farkle. "Hey, Farkle. What's up?" I asked. "I'm pretty bored. I heard what happened with Riley last night, she attacked you?" he asked. "Yeah, I got sick but I'm fine now" I smiled. "Oh well, what'cha up to now?" he asked. "Bored. Hey you feel like gettin' some long-term revenge?" I asked. "Long-term?" he questioned. "Yeah, like how Riley and Lucas are always talking to each other, maybe they are purposely gettin' a rip outta us" I explained. "I'm listening" he said. "Let's go to that stupid Christmas festival downtown" I said. "W-What? Why?" he asked. "Spend the day together, that oughta show 'em" I said. "Okay, pick ya up soon" he said. "I'm ready when you are" I said and hung up. I looked down at me in my pyjamas with hair the size of Manhattan. "Or not" I sighed and cleaned up. Farkle arrived and his dad drove us downtown. When we got to the festival, we bought tickets and went in. "There's the reindeer viewing down there" Farkle said. I looked over at him and smiled, "Sure" I responded. We got to sit in the sled behind the reindeer. We took plenty of picture for big fat proof of this glorious day. Then we went to concession, which was only selling junk and candy. So, Farkle bought us a bunch of stuff and we ate it all in the same hour and ended up throwing up on Santa Claus. It was funny, when I threw up and only seconds later Farkle did. Then we went to the snowflake falls, where we got to make and launch snowflakes. They were made of real snow but they were like 10x bigger than a real snowflake. Us and everyone else there, launched our snowflakes and kept watch of our own as they fell down the waterfall made of snowflakes. The snowflake falls, that is why they are called that. So then we made our own gingerbread cookies and I broke Farkle's by dropping it, so he stole mine and took a fat bite outta it. So I got no cookie. I was fine though. So then after a while, we called Mr. Minkus to pick us up and he did. So we had a decent day. This was the day I was supposed to be miserable that I got kicked in the gutt by Riley and then threw up an hour after. So I managed to get revenge on Riley and Lucas and avoid crying in the shakes of my own broken TV and drowning in the water of my clogged shower. So it was better than it should'a been. Boys are easy to use. Speaking of boys, at school on Thursday, we were doing the girls and boys challenge and the boys beat the girls by a long shot and I said "Wow, these boys are on fire!" and everyone laughed because it sounded like to them I was saying they were hot. So all day long, they were accusing me of thinking they were hot. Oh and also in gym class after we went snow shoeing, one of the kids and to grab the others gym strip and pass it to him and he was sitting right behind me. So when the one kid tried to pass the other his gym strip, he missed and his dirty gym shorts landed right on my head. I sat there disgusting and everyone laughed, but so did I. Nobody was making fun of me and I was sicked right out. It was disgusting. So that was a day, I forgot to tell anyone about that stuff. Oh and I am on my phone right now, I left my computer at Riley and Auggie's and now Auggie is using it and stalking my history he called disturbing. So see ya next time on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gone too Long, Back to Soon

Hey, it's Maya again! I'm soooo sorry I haven't been on in a long time. I got in trouble. You know me, typical Maya Hart getting into trouble and having Riley's parents ban me from my computer! So, I just apologize for never being on. I am still in trouble, by the way. I am not on my computer, I am on the Matthews Family computer, so it is wide open so Riley, Mr. Matthews or Mrs. Matthews need to use it, so I use it anyway too. So this may once again be my only post for a while. Maybe, maybe not. I may be back tomorrow, but I don't know. So what is new? Well, there is no school for us on Friday due to parent-teacher interviews. Those always go well! No, I'm not even kidding, my mom never goes to those and Mr. Matthews is there being the the teacher and Mrs. Matthews goes in as the parent, just to spend time with her husband! The classic Matthews, Cory and Topanga. So also, reaction girl transfered from 7C into 7H at school to be with Riley and now I am left with Sarah, thank God. So also, the boys and girls challenge is a total rip off. Last night. It was. Riley quit after only her groups pre-round went and Farkle was devistated and nevermind me never getting a turn, which turned out annoying. So we talked for awhile about how much we hate the challenge rip-off. Then we went to sleep. In class today, Sarah told me to not do the challenge again. "It deserves no trust" she said. "Tell me this is the first time you never got to go" she added. "This is the first time I never got to go" I said. "Yeah, I'm lying....but I still said it!" I pointed out. "It ruins you, it destroys you. It gives you something to be happy about that only makes you miserable" she said. So I'm takin' her advice on it. So yeah, breaking news, I'm being kicked off, so I gotta go now, bye bye! Sorry about the sudden ditch, but I have to go...bye!

Friday, November 21, 2014

How Can I Stand Up? (Bullying Awareness Day)

How I stand up? How can we make a difference? How can we stand up to bullying? How can we prevent bullying before it even starts? How can we be brave enough to stand up? How can we prevent our fears from getting the best of us?

Standing up to bullying is a very hard thing to do, I know. It isn't easy to stand up and just forget everything you are afraid of. We all know it's the right thing to do, but not all of us do it, or even think of doing it. Bullies know what they are doing is wrong, but not all the time. You can become a bully by just going along with the crowd. How can I make a difference? Well, we can help explain to students how it feels to be bullied. We can survey they students in our schools and ask how many have been bullied and show these results to our class, our school and show how much bullying affects our lives. We can stand up to bullies and help others stand up, by defending the victims of bullying. We can do lots of bullying prevention activities. There is alot you can do to stop bullying. Think about it.

Why Do Others Follow Bullies? (Bullying Awareness Day)

Why do others follow bullies? Why don't people always stand up against bullying? Why do people become bystanders? Why do they just sit there and watch? Why don't they stand up for those affected by bullying? Why wouldn't we help one of our own?

Bullying is something that has alot of genuine power. It has a lot of power in it and it is a very strong thing. So when people see someone being bullied, why don't they just always immediately step in? Well, there are plenty of explanations for this. They may fear of becoming the bullies next target. Yeah, I mean, maybe if you stood up for someone being bullied, the bully would start to pick on you. Maybe they don't want to stand out. If you are the only person standing up, you may join the victim in being outcatsed and bullied as well. If everyone else shoots you down when you try and stand up, you may be embarrased. Maybe they are afraid of the bully and don't want to get in their way. Maybe they find it is best to keep out of it, if it is none of their business. Maybe they just aren't feeling strong and brave enough to stand up. These are many reasons why people and bystanders just...stand by. And remember, just because there are all these reasons people fear standing up, doesn't mean that it is supported and that it is okay. I definently encourage standing up, standing by isn't something I support, it is just something that happens. Think about it.

Why Do People Bully? (Bullying Awareness Day)

Why do people bully? Why do people hurt other people constantly? Why don't they care how badly they are hurting someone else? Do you every wonder why that person always picks on the other one? Do you every wonder why s/he is always picking on others? Here are some of the possible answers to your bullying questions!

So, why do people bully? Well, there are many possible reasons people bully. People may bully because they want to look tough in front of everyone else. They want to look stronger and bigger to others so they have power. They may bully because they want attention from others. Maybe they just want to be noticed and if your attacking someone else all the time, proving you can beat someone down, it's an easy way to get attention. Maybe they bully because the person they are bullying is different than everyone else. They don't wear "this brand" they don't have their hair a certain way, they look different than everyone else. People may bully because they have things wrong in their life and they just wanna feel better about themselves, by making someone else feel worse than they do. Maybe they bully because they are jealous of the person they are bullying, so they want to make them feel worse, so they are not better than the bully is. Maybe they don't wanna stick out and they put all the bad attention on someone else, before it gets on them. These are all some of the possible reasons people bully. Think about it.

Is It Any Better to be a Bystander? (Bullying Awareness Day)

I know everyone knows that being the bully in a bullying situation is the most guilty part of a bullying situation. If you bully someone, you are the worst person, even though everyone follows you. Does anyone ever wonder, is bystanding any better than bullying itself? Is it better to stand by, watch and laugh than to be the one actually hurting someone else? Should bystanders get the same punishment as bullies do?

Bystanding is possibly just as bad as bullying. When people gather around and laugh at someone being bullied, it only encourages the bully to keep bullying because everyone seems to like watching it. You can be a bystander or stand up. If you were to stand up for someone being bullied instead of laughing and watching, it would make a difference, for the bully, for the victim and for the other bystanders watching around. Make a change and stand up, because being a bystander is no better than being a bully. Bystanding can easily make the situation worse, when it causes the bully to feel appreciated, encouraged and noticed, to look bigger than the victim, proving to everyone that the bully is so tough. The attention of bystanders encourages the bully to keep bullying. By being a bystander, you are encouraging bullying, you are bullying. Think about it.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes (Bullying Awareness Day)

How does it feel to be bullied? Some of you might wonder, some of you might know. I bet everyone here who goes to school knows or is someone who gets bullied at your school. Whether it's in your grade, in your class or just anyone in your school. If you are not bullied, don't you ever wonder how it feels? If your not too busy bullying someone else. If you do bully someone, does it ever occur to you that they are clearly hurt, or offended? That may be your intention, but why? Why do we want to hurt people as a society? Is that our goal? Is that America's goal? Imagine this....

Your walking in the hallway at school on an ordinary day. Imagine all your friends, gone. You didn't have anyone at school who you were really tight with, who would include you in everything. So, you go to school and because you don't have anyone who is your "BFF" I suppose, people pick on you for it. How would it feel to walk down the hallways everyday, fearing someone laughing at you, or whispering about you to others around you? How would you like to hear your name in a conversation amongst the "popular" kids? Imagine how it would feel if you had no friends in your class and you became afraid whenever the teacher said "Okay, find a partner or a group" knowing that you are nobody's first choice, but everyone's last choice? How would it feel to want to be friends with everyone and knowing they only see you as someone everyone can make fun of, instead of making fun of each other? Imagine how it would feel to be left out, every day? Think about it.

Bullying Awareness Day

So today on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart, I am having a bullying prevention day for the final day of the bullying awareness week on Disney Channel and to honor the terrible crisis that is Girl Meets Flaws is airing tonight at 5pm. Luckily, I will not be here to see Girl Meets Flaws when it airs, because I will be with Auggie and Riley at their cousin's house for the weekend, but I will see it on Sunday. So back to the point, this is a day on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart to stand up to bullying and realize how wrong it is. Bullying is something that together as one world, we can conquer. So Happy Bullyin Awareness Day on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Maya Hart - She Quoted It

So, I came up with a quote last night, something I try to believe and something I try to help me stay strong right now. So, the first quote is the one I came up with last night and there are more after it as well. So, here are some of the quotes I made in memory of what used to be...

"You know what I believe?" I asked Auggie, laying awake in bed last night. "What?" he responded, turning to face me. "Nobody in their right mind would purposely hurt their best friend" I said. "So you think Riley's crazy?" he asumed. "Not crazy, just not herself" I responded.

I actually am coming up with these as I go. I don't know any of these until I write them down. And I don't know how I came up with such a clever one. It is definently true. A best friend is someone who has always got your back, even if it means they are not watching their own. That may not be completely relatable for me, but it is definently true.

This is also very clever, I am still not getting how these keep coming to me. I guess I can sorta relate, I used to anyway. The whole world went against me, with my family and my grades and all, but my best friend stood by me. It may have changed now, but it won't change for everyone.

I found this more cute and funny than emotional and relatable. The two girls, best friends, sitting in the middle of traintracks, as long as they are together, they don't care what they're doing.

This I came up with only when I saw this picture. Sometimes a girl feels like nobody understands her. Right, girls? We've all gone through that. But also during those times, her best friend understands her like they have the exact same thoughts, it's true.

Sometimes, when you are just walking down the street, hand-in-hand with your best friend, it is such a great feeling, you feel like your standing on mountains, I find.

I remember this even happening to me when I was younger. Your best friend can make what seemed to be the worst day, become the best day, the only one who can make your tears turn to smiles.

I know this is the best friend I would be. I would know exactly what to say at the right time in any situation she might be in. I would never judge and I would never shame her for anything she does, or anything she gets into. "She" isn't anyone in specific, just someone I may meet someday, somehow...

So, that is all I have for this post. I am just running out of fonts and pictures to do for my quotes! So, yeah sometimes a best friend is the only person who can make everything better again. I would know. Well I would've known. So thanks for reading and keep up with The 99 Problems of Maya Hart!

The Best Job of Sticking Together

So, yesterday, me and Auggie were watching the Jessie Bullying Awareness marathon and Auggie started crying because of his sister, and how she became someone he never knew and took some of that out on him. I hugged him and started crying too, we just do that lately, we just randomly start crying about it when we think about it. So then Mr. Matthews came down and said "What are you two up to?" and we just kept crying. He came and sat down on the couch beside us. "Auggie! What's that matter, guys?" he asked. "Riley's the matter!" Auggie cried. "She said she not Maya's friend because there's nothing in it for her" Auggie added. "She mean to me too!" Auggie kept on crying and stumbling on his words. "Yeah, she said she is not going to be my friend anymore because there is nothing in it for her, she doesn't care how she makes any of us feel" I explained. "I can't see this out of her at all" Mr. Matthews said. "But it's true!" Auggie whimpered. "Well, maybe this is just a fase" Mr. Matthews hoped. "A fase that lasts 3 weeks?" I asked crying. "It doesn't seem like my sweet little daughter to do such a thing, especially to you two" Mr. Matthews said. "But she is, we can't cry unless we hav a reason" Auggie cried. Auggie started crying, and so did I. We hugged each other tightly and kept crying. "Auggie, Maya. You know, maybe you two are going through a rough time with her, but you know, you two are doing a very good job of sticking together" Mr. Matthews told us. "We are?" Auggie asked. "Yes, you have Maya who would drop her whole world to take care of you, Auggie" Mr. Matthews added. I sniffeled and whipped away my tears. "Yeah, I would" I said hugging Auggie and rubbing his back. "I promise you, I'll take you where you need to go" I added. "Literally!" Auggie laughed, refering to me picking him up from school everyday. I laughed and we hugged each other, smiling. "See, you may be in it with Riley right now, your sister and your best friend" he said motioning to us. "But, Auggie, Maya is like a sister to you, the sister you no longer have and she won't do what Riley did to you" Mr. Matthews said. "Never" I smiled at Auggie and hugged him. "You two finish your show and I gotta get back up to mom" he said getting up. "Thanks, Mr. Matthews" I said. "Thank you, Daddy!" Auggie smiled. Mr. Matthews smiled at us and went upstairs.

Then at bedtime, Auggie followed me into his bedroom. I looked back and saw him watching me set up my bed. (Well, his bed, but where I was sleeping). I grabbed his hand and led him to the door. "Go to bed now, Auggie, get some sleep" I said bending down at him. "Kay!" he smiled and hugged me. I sent him off and got into bed. I was sitting up, crying like I did for the past 3 nights. Then I got up and crowded the bed with extra blankets, stuffies and all that other stuff I found in Auggie's room, to make it more comforting. I opened th window and stared out it at the winter night. The sky was bright orange at 10 o'clock at night. I prayed to God that this would all fix itself up and that I would stop doing wrong whatever it is I do. So then when I finished, I shut the blinds and got into my piled up bed and picked up Auggie and Riley's old stuffed animal, known by the name of Bootsy. Bootsy is a cat, one that can walk and meow when you turn her on. I turned Bootsy on and heard her meows and laughed along with her. Then Auggie came in. "Maya?" he asked sadly, like he was crying. "Yeah, what is it?" I asked. "Can I sleep with you?" he asked, he was definently crying. "Of course, come here" I said moving into the back of the bed. I helped Auggie up and covered him up. "You gotta lot of stuff in here!" he said. "Yeah" I replied. "Bootsy!" he cheered when he saw Bootsy. Then I told him lyrics to a song, trying to explain that everything is okay with his dumb-arse sister. He said "Is that lyrics to a song?" and I started singing the song. "Again!" he cheered when I was finished. I sang him multiple different songs, including There Will Be a Day (the first song he asked about the lyrics) my christmas song, O'Holy Night (me and Riley's old favorite song) and I forget the others. So then we fell asleep. In the morning, Mrs. Matthews came in and woke me up and told me to try and not wake up Auggie. So I didn't wake him up and he's still sleeping. I'm not coming home for lunch anymore, now that Riley's going to school again. So, yeah I'll see him again after school. Check back on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart again soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Final WARNING Official Chance

Okay, so I am here to do one thing and one thing only. So, this thing with Riley and the thing she wants, has gotten WAAYYY outta control and I am tired of it already. She should know that dressing like it, and making new blog posts under different dates isn't fooling anyone. She should also know that if she doesn't stop this now, the longer she does this, the longer time she will have to earn it when I start counting the time and that will not be until she cleans up her act. Also, unfollowing my blog results in another day added when I start counting. If she does not stop this, I will never ever consider it, ever. And I can EASILY refuse to let it happen and I will not be upset. My every single song I own now, is mine and will NEVER EVER EVER be given up under any circumstances. So, if she does not stop this now, it will never ever happen, ever. And the longer she does this to me, the longer her time will be until I actually accept it. But she will pay for every second she does this to me and the day I finally accept it, there will be boundaries. It will not be exactly like how it used to be, no exceptions. Because hell no is Bailey existing in my world, screw that! And any of those other friends of theirs either, that is beyond off the table. So, the longer she does this, the longer it will take when I start counting the time. And I'll start counting when she smartens up her act, because it an't foolin' anyone. So, yeah check back on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart again soon!

For Sure an Acting "Challenge"

So, guess what? This is the follow up post to "Asking for My Own Rights (The Truth About Her)" my previous post, you can check that out HERE. So, remember that line about if Riley was gonna ignore me or make her parents pitty on her by faking sick? Well, mark the date because she did get her parents to pitty on her. She was acting all active and normal, watching videos, singing and even eating candy. Then as soon as her parents and Auggie walked in at 9:32pm, she laid on the couch and looked like she'd been sick this whole time. She acted like she was almost sleeping and like she couldn't even move, which I knew she could. "She's faking it, don't believe it!" I told Mr. and Mrs. Matthews. "Maya!" Mrs. Matthews cried, looking at me shocked. "No, she is. She was running around, eating candy, you name it, I claim it" I explained. "Maya!" Mr. Matthews said. "Yeah, have some consideration" Mrs. Matthews added. "She's faking it! Go ahead and fall for it but don't come crying to me when you realize I'm right!" I shouted back at them walking upstairs to bed. So, she can't at least pretend to be nice to me for an hour, but she can fake sick as a dog and get her parents pittying on her and forcing me to consider it? So, she can act, I'm just not even worth her lame acting skills. So, I went upstairs and got into Auggie's bed, (Auggie slept in Riley's because Riley's wasn't big enough for me and Riley so we traded with Auggie because his is big enough) and laid down. I started crying and crying and thinking:

"I'm not good enough"
"She said she'll fight for what's worth it and that is not me"
"I'm not apart of this family anymore"
"Nobody believes me"
"I just might actually tell the councillor tomorrow"
"She can act, just not for me"

So, those were just a few of the thoughts I had last night, laying in Auggie's empty bed, crying to myself. Auggie came into the room. "Where's Mr. Googly?" he asked. I looked around and felt Mr. Googly behind my pillow. I pulled him out and gave him to Auggie. Auggie hugged him and walked out. Everytime I saw the light turn on in the hall through the open crack of my door, I sat up and stared at it until it went out, then I flopped back down onto the bed and let my eyes fill up with tears. I couldn't sleep at all. It was very very hard, I couldn't get comfy. Those thoughts kept going through my head and they wouldn't stop. I couldn't sleep a wink and everytime I was about to cry, I tried to think of something else. "Think of Girl Meets, no it is going to make me cry. Think class!" and I thouht of the snowman project I was going to do in art class.

Breaking news, I just finished talking to Mrs. Matthews and she believes me that Riley's faking it. She walked into the room and said "Can you come home for lunch today and take Auggie to school?" she asked. "Yeah, but I'm pretty sure she's faking it" I said. "Yeah, I know. But I'm not arguing with her, I have to go to work today and she better not call and complain that she's bored" Mrs. Matthews said. "Yeah, she was completely fine when you were gone" I told her about Riley last night. "Yeah, but she was laying there sleeping" she said. "No, she was faking that too. She laid down 2 minutes before you came in" I said. "I believe it but I'm not arguing with her, you know what I mean, Maya. She can fall behind in school and the only person she's hurting is her" she said. Mrs. Matthews walked out confirming that I would take and pick up Auggie from school today. So, ha on Riley, I can't wait to tell her that her mom believes me! Which will happen in 14 minutes from now! Classic. Well, it doesn't look bright for her right now, she's on my bad side and that is not helping her get her way at all. So, she'd better watch it because the longer she does this to me, the longer away her little prize reward is, so think about it. So, thanks for reading and check back on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart again soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Asking For My Own Rights (The Truth About Her)

So, I am pretty sure unless you've accessed my blog pages, some way, somehow, you have no idea what has been going on lately with me. It seems to you like I've been living my normal life with my friends and everything's been as usual as Girl Meets World is. Well no. Girl Meets World has become Spirit-Killer Meets Their Victim. Girl has always been Riley and World has always been the subject. Well Riley's killer and I'm her victim, you don't even wanna know. So, you know that whole respecting people and never making "someone who cares about you feel under-appreciated" (Mr. Matthews words, he wasn't wrong) and all that other people before yourself thing, never hurting anyone else. Well, apparently for Riley she's an angel on camera and a spirit-killer in the truth. So for the past week and a half she has been ignoring me, ditching on me and doing anything she can think of to make me well aware that she isn't my friend anymore. "Well, Maya there's gotta be a reason for it!" You might think. Well, yes, yes there is. The reason is, there is nothing "in it for her" being my friend so she ignores me. Yeah, she gets nothing but someone who cares about her 10x more than she does them and that isn't good enough for the great Riley Matthews, now is it? No, no it isn't! There has to be something "in it" for a person to be my friend, well that's pitty, the last person I'd wanna be friends with! Who wants to be friends with someone who doesn't treat you with the respect and rights you deserve because there's nothing in it for them to be your friend!? Nobody! Not a single person. I bet I could survey my whole school asking the question "Would you wanna be friends with someone who will only be your friend if there's something in it for them?" I bet EVERY SINGLE PERSON would say no. If there has to be something in it for her, well let's put something in it, shall we!? Why not! So, then you give it to 'er if she agrees to treat you with the respect you deserve. Agreed. 20 seconds later (LITERALLY) she starts kissin' up to you because 20 seconds ago you offered her something and she doesn't care about me! She wants what she wants and she's faking being nice to be, acting, because she wants something! Outrageous! And then guess what? She can't even pretend to care about me for a dang hour! Not one! She did it for under and hour and then she started being rude to me! Okay, so I'll tell you how this goes tomorrow morning, I have a whole night with her unless she fakes sick and gets her parents pittying on her again. So, tell ya how this goes tomorrow.

To Kindergarten and Back

Okay, so today is going to be a little bit different than usual. Riley got sick last night and left me alone in Auggie's bedroom. Auggie slept in Riley's bedroom and Riley slept with Mr. and Mrs. Matthews in their bedroom. So, yeah I fell asleep pretty quick, I am used to sleeping at my house like that every single night, so nothing felt weird other than the fact that I was in Auggie's room. I do not know why I didn't sleep in Riley's and Auggie slept in his, weird. Well, it worked how it worked, I guess. So, now this morning Riley is still sick as me when Farkle flirts with me, so she will be staying home with Auggie. But I cannot be at school lunch in the cafeteria all alone, so Mrs. Matthews said I can come home for lunch. So, at lunch time, I will go off campus and go back to The Matthews's Apartment and have lunch there with Riley and Auggie. Then Mrs. Matthews enlisted me to take Auggie to his kindergarten on the way back to school. So, I'll walk Auggie to his school and take him into kindergarten and then I'll go back to mine, since Auggie's in the afternoon class. So, then I have to go pick up Auggie from school, since Mrs. Matthews has to stay home with Riley, luck she has a day off today from her big deal lawyer stuff. So, I will be picking up Auggie from school. How fun. Well, that usually doesn't happen, so let's see how it works. So, I'll tell you later on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart how that went. Check back again soon!

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Future Awaits Me!

Okay, so this post is going to be about what is coming up on Girl Meets World. So, first off, the episode Girl Meets the Forgotten aired this past Friday night. It was a great episode, I personally enjoyed it very much. It helped me get out of this friendship-romance thing I had going and I am proud to say that I am officially finished with it. Thank god, now I can be my episodes happiness, which is normal, a normal person I am. So, I loved the forgotten episode, it was personally one of my favorites so far. I loved it when I was asking Mrs. Matthews to rub my back and she said she had to do all these things first and I just responded with "Okay, hurry up!" and smiled and laid back down. So, me and Riley were kinda brats in that episode, I can now see how they said that. We had no empathy for her parents and we only cared about ourselves and how we had to work for 45 minutes in a row, not caring that they worked all day long for hours on end. So, I personally loved that episode.


Next episode that will be airing for us, that has already aired for Disney Channel is well, the one and only, Girl Meets Flaws. Of course it's heard that I dislike this episode....strongly. And yeah, it's not my favorite, I could of done better in it, but I don't care about that anymore. Episodes me would do that, so why be mad about it? So, I am not going to. This episode focuses on bullying and the importance of fitting in. Yes, Farkle gets bullied by one of our classmates, Billy in this episode. I honestly will kill anyone who bullies my friends, kill them I will. But sometimes, you gotta be strong and you have to know that that's what they want, they want you to be like them. They want you to get mad and fight back. So, I absolutely agree that bullying is wrong and if someone bullies my friends, they are gonna wish they hadn't. So, bullying is something that has been happening ever since kids were put together and were able to adjust and make friends. Bullying is something to stand up against and there will be more where that came from later. So, Girl Meets Flaws, I am actually pumped to see this episode!

So, the next episode that is coming up after Girl Meets Flaws, is Girl Meets Friendship. Girl Meets Friendship is when Riley, Lucas and Farkle all run for the school election to be president or something like that, I really don't care what and I have to chose who to route for and that is apparently going to change all our friendships, or so they say. I am actually interested in this episode because I am not really doing exactly what everyone else does. Maybe it won't turn out how I expect and maybe I am rarely in it and I am just there plotless and have no real point in being there, I just am. Maybe, but maybe not. I may take a different route and my plot might be interesting. So, that episode doesn't air until the 26th of November, so the week after Girl Meets Flaws, unless they hold it back. So, I am excited to see how this episode turns out too!

So, that is it for now on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart and keep up with me and I'm sure you won't be disappointed, I have new posts often, especially lately as I am trying my best to avoid Riley at all costs due to her so called "behaviour" and she doesn't at all act like herself anymore, she is 10x meaner and cares 20x less about me than she normally does, so pitty on her for that. So I will be on here often now, so don't be surprised if you see posts of me being bored. So again, check back soon, and I mean real soon.

I'm Getting an A+ in Failing!

Hey, Blogger. Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Mrs. Matthews took my computer away for several reasons. I have never been a good kid, that's obviously known. So, I finally got it back today and let me just say, we've missed a lot. On the very night I got it taken away, it was Friday. So, it was the Youth Night at the leisure center. So, we all decided to go. We took our friend, Alexis from school and a lot of her friends were there too. Mostly boys, and one girl that every guy is in love with. So, first we were all on a double tube floating around. Then at 8pm, they put out a blue and white ring and we were all floatin' around on it. Then they took out the big alligator that is probably 5x the size of your couch, and I'm not even exadgerating. So, then there were a big group of older boys on it, and very few girls. So, me and Alexis went and got on anyway. The boys kept kicking all the girls off. Then I kept almost drowning which was awful, but who cares! I'm not telling everyone I can't swim! I just gripped the edge of the alligator and held on until one of the girls offered to help me up. One of the girls, Coral, was always falling off and I felt sooo bad. Yeah, I have to admit, we were the popular ones. Especially I was, well you'll see why next. So, then when I finally told the boys I can't swim, some of them stopped pushing me off. Others did not. We fell off soooo many times. Everyone always helped each other up by grabbing their hand and pulling and yanking until they hit surface. I grabbed so many boys hands that I don't even know! So, then there was this boy that really reminded me of Billy so badly. He had darker skin and was actually mean and it wasn't funny. A point came where I was done with this kid and I got into it with him. He was on the floor, hanging on the edge of the alligator and I was sitting on the alligator. I got into it with him and he grabbed my leg and tried to hog me down, but I started kicking soo hard and he fell down and I won. Then the lifeguard blew the whistle and was givin' me the smackdown from the edge of the deck. So, then he left, probably humiliated he was beat down by a blonde 7th grade girl. So, then I bet the biggest boy on the alligator that I could get him off and he said he could get me off. So we tried it and guess who won? He did. Nah, just kidding. I won! I got him down. He left for a while and then he came back and saw me and Alexis sitting on the edge. "Which one of you did it?" he asked. I waved my hand and smiled evily. "Okay, if you don't push me off, I won't push you" he said. "Deal!" I said shaking his hand. Then we went back to business. So, that was reeeeally awesome! Then in other major news, I got over my awful conviction of this romantic-friendship train I was stuck on with Lucas. Which is lucky because I thought I'd focus on it all the time and doze off in class, and I tested that in history today and I was totally not thinking about that, so I am good. In other school news, remember that project Lucas made me do by myself? If not, me and Lucad partnered up for a science project and then we got into a fight and he told me to do the whole thing by myself. He left me no choice because he ditched and left me with the project. So, over the weekend I did it and you will not believe what grade we got on it. 3%. Yeah, we got 3% also known as 0.5/15 marks total. Yeah, we didn't even get one whole mark and when I checked online today, I saw my grade was 3% and Abby in my class was laughing at me and said it was an improvement. I mean, how can someone manage to get 3% on a project, 0.5 of a mark?! I am really good at failing apparently. I even said that today. So, it was funny because that's Lucas's grade too and that is what he gets for making me do the whole project by myself! Haha! I don't care that I failed, I'm smilin' real big! That's awesome! Not even a single mark! Haha! I can't wait to see his face if I hadn't already missed it, when he sees that grade. LOL! Oh and also on Friday, Girl Meets the Forgotten aired and I was so happy because it also helped me get off this train-wrecked life of friendship-ish romance thing-a-ma-bob. On a totally related topic, Girl Meets Flaws commercial went out on Friday too, which means there are 4 days until Girl Meets Flaws airs...yay....not. Okay, so well that was today and not much happened over the weekend, so I guess that's it on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart, don't forget to check back soon!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Undiscovered Truth


So, last night was not what it usually was. We didn't all fight and team up into teams we knew would tick everyone off. But it was definently not ordinary. So, I am pretty sure that I told you about me and the two kids in my class during science making up weird things about the rest of our classmates based on what they were doing? Well, I just did if I didn't before. So, me and them saw Lucas holding a medicine bottle in science so we said that he has a problem where he has too much conditions requiring medicine. Our "theory" was way off, honestly. So, last night Lucas showed up at Riley's house looking like the biggest hot mess ever. Not the hot part, the mess part is the point. So, he was wearing baggy clothes and was barely talking (except when he pointed things out to/about Riley, which even when he's all down he can still manage to do and tick me off). So, me and Farkle both hated him for last night and we hated the fact that he showed up, so we were mad and kinda making mean comments when we got the chance. Then at bedtime, Farkle was apologizing to him and I was smacking myself in the head with the palm of my hand thinking "Why? No Why? No" and so on. So, then Lucas left because Farkle would never let him sleep by Riley and he only wanted to be by her because me and Farkle both didn't like him. Even though Farkle apologized, he still didn't really forgive him, considering he left. Then a bit later he came back in because he forgot something. So, he was looking on the floor for it. I went and sat on the floor and was helping him look. He picked up his medicine bottle from science class. "It's that!" I thought in my head. "What's that?" for I asked. I kept asking him what it was, and he said it was his perscribed medicine. "So you have to take medicine everyday?" I asked. "No" he said. "So your gonna lie to me?" I asked. "No, I'm just not going to tell you the truth" he said. Good comeback, by the way. So, I tried to get it out of him and I adventually did, who knows how I did because randomly he started telling me the story. His dad sent them medicine from Texas and he accidently sent the wrong medicine because his mom had the flu. So she told him to throw it out, but he thought the looked good to he tried one. Honestly, it was a stupid stupid move I think. To just randomly think that taking an unknown medicine is a good idea. So, he did and they tasted like strawberries apparently, I don't know. So, he told me that he just kept taking them when all of us (Me, Riley and Farkle) were being mean to him. But I didn't get it because Farkle and Riley are never mean to him, anyway. So, I don't really believe that they did anything to influence it. "This is stupid, it's wrong!" I said. "So your fine I can see" I said. I picked up one of the bottles, (he had like 9 of them!) and took out two pills. "So if I ate this I would be just like I am now, I'd be okay?" I assumed. "No" he said. "So, you can take them and I cannot?" I asked trying to understand. But I couldn't, none of it made sense to me. "Your stupid, this is stupid, what were you thinking?!" I asked getting mad. He wanted to go home now because I had gone awol, but only because I was worried about him, I didn't want him getting hurt and this seemed so unlike him, totally. I was worried, I was afraid that this was my fault or something. So, I apologized for going nuts and he said it was okay, so we all just got in our normal spots. "I'm facing my back to you, but wake me up if you need me" I told Lucas. He agreed and we all went to bed. Everything has been like that ever since then. So, yeah if I have any news on this unusual topic, I will tell you all. But in the meanwhile, keep up with The 99 Problems of Maya Hart and check back again soon!

The Invites Responded!

Okay, so today is finally Friday. Friday is a big day for me, today. So, first I have school which is nothing out of the ordinary. Then I after school my mom's friends Jamie and Danny are coming down and I get to hangout with Danny again. Also, today is the day I finally hangout with my friend Alexis. Me and Alexis go to school together in different homeroom classes, so during school we don't talk much. Then we talk lots after school on Google+ and now we finally decided to hangout together not online, where we can respond to each other's questions not 2 hours after they are asked. So, this means that Danny is going to meet Alexis and of course he will re-meet Riley too. Like I said before, he met Riley when we were 9 in 4th grade. So, I have both my friend guest things coming over on the same day, which means that we will be overloaded with people for a while. I don't know how long Danny and Mrs. Bryson are staying with us, so we'll see how long that goes for today. I didn't really realize that Danny is coming today, which is the same day I invited Alexis, that was honestly unintentional. But weirdly I will have two more people who are with me, so I am really lucky right now. I know Alexis will and obviously Danny is going to be with me more than Riley and all those people. So, yeah I have two invited guests coming to see me today, so I will be busy as heck, so don't be surprised if I don't write here again today, but I might. So, check back on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart again soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remember The Story

So, I found out this news yesterday and forgot to tell you sooner. So, tomorrow is Friday and Friday is the last day of the school week! Whoo! Thank god! Okay, that isn't what I was going to tell you, it's just I am sooo glad the week is almost over. But tomorrow, my mom's friends from when I was 8-10 years old are coming over. We haven't seen them since October 2012. My mom's friend is about her age. Her name is Jamie Bryson and she is about my mom's age. I remember her from 2012 and she had longer brown hair, usually curled. Her eyes were a hazel-ish green and she was a bit taller than my mom. She works at a construction site. It is really rare when a girl works on a construction site. Her son, Danny is my age who I hung out with when I was little. I think he met Riley when we were 9 years old. He has brown hair like his mom and blue eyes. He was pretty tall on me, I was up to his mouth, basically when we were younger. He never knew the little sweet me when I was 7. He met me at the hardest time of my life, when I was 8. He met me in August 2010. When Danny was 6 years old, his dad passed away in a car accident and Danny and his mom was in it too. They were driving down a highway and a semi-truck slammed into them and their car was tipped onto it's side. His dad wasn't wearing a seat-belt and as the car tipped onto it's side, before it fell, the door broke off and his dad fell out and the door and car fell on top of him. Danny was only 6 years old, in the backseat fascened in his carseat and his mom was buckled in the passengers seat. The semi-truck went sliding across the highway, but managed to stay up. The man driving the semi-truck was un-harmed and went to see if they were okay. Mrs. Bryson immediately unbuckled herself and went and got Danny out of the car and gave him to the man driving the semi-truck. She tried to lift up the car off of his dad, but she wasn't strong enough. The man driving the semi-truck called 911 immediately and many people were on scene trying to help. Mrs. Bryson called her mother and told her what was going on. But before her mother arrived, the police, EMS care and firetrucks arrived and closed the road. They got the car off his dad and there was blood everywhere. He had a major cut in his leg, like where Lucas was rubbing me in library and his head had a majorly deep cut and his stomach was blunted and blood was rushing out of his every bruise and cut. They got him to the hospital quickly and Mrs. Bryson's mother came and drove Mrs. Bryson and Danny to the hospital. Mrs. Bryson's dad was on a business trip in another state, so she would call him when she got home. Mrs, Bryson, her mom and 6-year-old Danny waited in the hospital for over an hour. "Is daddy going to come home with us?" Little Danny asked his mom and grandma. "Yes, of course he will, Danny" Mrs. Bryson told him, but she was not sure. After a while, the doctor came out and said that the cuts were too open and too much blood got out when he was trapped under the car for 20 minutes. He died of his injuries that day, May 23rd 2009. Danny was very close with his dad and loved him very much. They spent lots of time together and had a very close father-son relationship. When Danny understood that his dad passed away, he was devistated and he cried for months.

The 2 years later, Mrs. Bryson met my mom right around the time when my dad stopped sending me stuff and I was all worked up and I felt kinda how I do now, with Lucas and all. I just handled it in a way that changed my life. As soon as I met Danny, he didn't tell me about his dad passing away until I was 9 and we met when I was 8. He told me he would tell me his if I told him mine after and I had to pinky-swear on it. So, once he told me that story, I said "Yours is so sad, now mine sounds like a first-world problem!" I laughed. I told him anyway and he did feel bad for me too. So, then we went and told our mothers that we told each other and Mrs. Bryson said "That takes a lot of courage to talk about, both of you" and me and Danny smiled at each other. So, then when I was 10 years old we had a sleepover. It was at his house and my mom there until around our bedtime, talking to Mrs. Bryson. First me and Danny were playing outside, riding his tiny motorbike. He was on the front, driving and I was in the back. We went to his friend, Clayton's house and he showed Clayton me and his motorbike. "This is my cool motorbike and this is my friend, Maya" he said. "You've got a girl and a motorbike, your ligit man!" Clayton laughed. Clayton took a picture of me and Danny on the motorbike. "Show this to your classmates and you'll be more popular than the 6th grader with his own personal pool" Clayton told Danny. Then we went off to the park with Clayton. It was the saucer park, I lived in the same house as when I was 10 so I knew about the same parks. Clayton pushed me and Danny on the saucer for a while. Then Danny pushed me and Clayton and then it kept trading off. "Why can't I push?" I asked. "Because your a girl, Maya. You couldn't push both of us" Danny said. "Yeah, you've got that little figure and you don't even have breats yet" Clayton said. "I'm only 10 ya know and I bet I can push both of you" I said. So, they let me try and I knocked them off their rockers. Literally. They fell off, "Who's laughing now?" I asked laughing. Then Danny and me took Clayton home and rode back to his house on his motorbike. "You know, Maya, you scared Clayton pretty badly, but not me. I wasn't scared of no girl, even you" he said on the bike. "Sure ya were..." I said with a mischeviously look on my face. When we got home, we got in our pyjamas and pulled out the sofa bed in his master room upstairs, which had all his toys (whatever 10-year-old boy toys are) and a flat screen TV. We watched a zombie movie. Then we had a pillow fight and in the end, we used our left-over popcorn as amo against each other. I spilt coke-a-cola all over Mrs. Bryson's precious white carpet, but Danny took the rat for me. Mrs. Bryson said he would be grounded when I went home tomorrow. So, then we turned out the lights and laid on the sofa bed. I faced my back to Danny when I felt something crawling up my back. "Ahhh!" I screamed. Danny pulled his hand away and laughed. "I gotcha, Maya. You shoud'a seen your face!" he laughed. "You should of too because it's as dark as night in here" I cameback. "That's because it is night, Maya" he replied. "Well, yeah" I replied shrugging my shoulders. Then we kept jumping on each other and laughing. "Shhh!" Mrs. Bryson cried from her bedroom. We started whisper-laughing with our hands over our mouths. Then we fell asleep. At 3:32am, I felt something shaking me. "Maya! Maya, wake up!" I heard Danny's voice say. "What?" I asked turning to face him, with my eyes not even half open. "You wanna prank my mom?" he asked. I immediately woke myself up. "Yeah!" I whisper shouted. So, he took me by the hand and led me downstairs to his kitchen. He opened the fridge and started pulling a while bunch of random things out. "What are you doing?" I asked. He grabbed whipped cream, cucumbers, carrot sticks, honey, smarties and jumbo sized twizzlers. "Come on" he said with his hands loaded with the food and candy. He quietly set it down on the floor right at the door of his mom's room. "Shhh" he said not turning to face me, but putting his arm against my chest. I didn't move or say anything, I just looked over and quietly followed him. He picked up the whipped cream and poured it into his hand and started smearing it all over Mrs. Bryson's face. "Cucumbers" he said reaching his hand out at me, not turning to face me. I put the 2 cucumbers onto Mrs. Bryson's eyes. "You knew?" he asked. "Duh, it's a food facial" I whispered. Then we put whipped cream all over the twizzlers so they would stick and we put them in Mrs. Bryson's hair, like it was here hair. Then he stuck the carrot sticks to her fingers with the honey, like fingernails. Then he topped it off with sticking smarties as the nailpolish. We both giggled and quietly took the stuff back downstairs. "That was awesome!" he cried putting his hand up for a high-five. "We haven't even seen the best part" I said high-fiving him. "What's that, Maya?" he asked. "Her reaction tomorrow morning" I said. "Oh, right" he said. We both climbed back onto the sofa bed and fell fast asleep. In the morning, we woke up to a loud scream. "Ahhhh!!" it sounded like. Both Danny and me immediately sat up and smiled at each other. We dashed to his mom's room. He put me on a piggy-back and we peeked into his mom's room and watched her react to our master plan. "W-What is this!?" she asked. "Danny Bryson, get in here now!" she yelled. Danny didn't put me down, he just stepped into the room with a very guilty look on his face. "Danny, did you do this?" she asked madly. "Maya did too" he sighed. "Hey!" I said looking at him with a shocked and mad look. Mrs. Bryson picked me up off Danny's back and carried me downstairs. Danny followed cautiously behind us. She set me on the counter and looked at Danny. "Was this supposed to be funny?" she asked madly. We both sat in silence, guilty silence. "Because it was!" she laughed. Suddenly, the mood was lightened and me and Danny both looked at each other, our jaws dropped, but smiling and gasping. "Your kidding mom!" he cried. She hugged him tightly and shook him around. "You kids are silly, silly. But your gonna have to clean up my bed and put the sheets in the laundry" she said patting his head. "Oh, okay mom!" he laughed. She walked upstairs to clean up. Danny walked up to me on the counter and motioned for me to get back on his back. I jumped back down and onto him. He carried me around the house, playing an airplane game, where he had to close his eyes and I had to direct him where to go. Yeah, the person giving the piggy back should not be the one with their eyes closed. Noted. He ran under a picture hanging on the wall and it scraped the top of my head and fell on me. "Ouch!" I cried. "Maya!" Danny cried setting me down and looking me in the eye. "Are you okay, Maya? Where did it get'cha?" he asked. I showed him the bright red bruise on my head. He took me into the bathroom and he gently rubbed antibiotics (medicine like polysporin) on my head. Then later my mom came and picked me up. I waved goodbye to Danny and told my mom all about the sleepover and the prank on the drive home. So, that's Danny Bryson, my friend who's visiting tomorrow. Telling those stories really reminded me of being 8-10 years old again, I almost felt like I was there again. So, thanks for reading The 99 Problems of Maya Hart and don't forget to check back again soon!

Helpless and Bitter Silence

So, today at school was nothing out of the ordinary...Is probably what you would think I am going to say, but I'm not. School today was definently out of the ordinary. First period, I had art. I was inking my eraser creation thing and I shared my ink with my friend from the other class. We were talking and it was funny when one spot on her roller would not turn blue when she rolled it in the ink. I kept messing up on all 6 of my inkings. The orange coat I did turned out perfect, I did it last week. Now today, I was barely even paying attention and I had 6 paintings, so I had 6 attempts to get one perfect. I failed every single one. Mrs. Kossal suggested that I just lightly repaint more ink on with a paintbrush, and that worked out....if I was trying to make a blob of blobbiness. Which I wasn't so...oh yeah, that failed too. So, then gym class came. We played Topple the Towers, which is a interesting version of dodgeball and I took out many people. Like it said in World of Terror, I aim as straight as a roller. Then the umpire got slammed into the back of the wall, so I aim pretty hard. I got out some of the most sporty and active boys in our gym class. Then came Religion which we had a pretty awesome class discussion, I'm not gonna lie, I actually paid attention in religion, it was awesome. Then history came along. Mr. Matthews was reviewing Darwin Bird Studies and I was completely dozed off. I hardly even tried to pay attention. Than it was lunch time and lunch rocked. Honestly. After eating, me and Riley went into the library and I got to sit in my library class seat, I sat in when Lucas rubbed my leg and all. Riley on the other side of me, not where Lucas usually was. Lucas's seat was empty, which honestly, made me kinda miss him. Then Riley's friend Layanna came and sat in Lucas's seat, on the other half of my cusion. "Hey guys!" she said. "Hi!" we replied. "I still can't believe your friends with Farkle, I will not get over that. I will probably tell you over and over" she said. We laughed. Her friend came and sat on the other side of Riley. We were all on ipads, talking. Me and Layanna were trying to figure out how to download the gmail app on her ipad. Then after lunch, we had english. English was honestly the worst class I took today. We are reading a book called Ender's Game which is a really intersting book about the future and fighting off ailens and things like that. I've always been able to set aside my thoughts and focus on the book in English class. But not today. No matter what I thought, no matter how hard I tried, I could not focus on the book. I only focus for about 2 pages out of 10 in Chapter 6 we read today. I couldn't stop thinking about...just not the book. I did the chapter questions well at the end though. Ironically, the majority of the questions were on the 2 pages I paid attention to. Coincadence, right? Nah, it's just luck. So then we had science. Science was pretty awesome. The kid beside me and the kid in front of me were all making fun of kids in our class and making up rumors about them, just by what they were doing momentarily. I said that Lucas had a medicine antibiotic problem because he was holding a medicine bottle that was his, obviously. The teacher wasn't passing anything around. Then we had our final history period of the day. It was double daddy today. Double Daddy is something Riley made up, when you have 2 history classes with Mr. Matthews in one day. So, that history class was better than the first one and definently better than English. I sometimes dozed off, like 4/10 of the time I was dozed off, but I was able to get back into focus when it came to mind. We had a discussion when our history substitute accidently blurted out the SH word. "I'm so sorry!" she called. Everyone was laughing and freaking out in a fun way. "Don't worry, these kids swear all the time!" I said. "Really Maya? Us!" one of the annoying boys said. "I hear you at your locker swearing sooo badly, you and Riley just swearing away, I have to cover my ears and try and block it out!" he cried. The sub looked at me in shock. "No! I swear, I would never! I don't!" I said laughing. It was hilarious, I loved that class when I was focused. PS. that conversation about swearing was the 4/10 of the time I was paying attention. So, then we had math it went pretty normal. At the beginning, one of the boys, the boy who accused me of swearing in history, was pretending to be the teacher and was trying to tell me what to do, but he could never pull it off, I said. He will not stop talking about how I don't do my homework. "Go to the office, Maya and you can come back when you start doing your homework" he said. "No! Your not the boss of me...and side note, I will never do my homework" I said. "I'm gonna laugh when the teacher comes in and kicks you outta his desk" I said. "How hard are you gonna laugh?" he asked. "Oh, pretty hard" I remarked. Then the teacher finally came in. "Kick him out, kick him out!" I cried pointing at him. "Get outta here!" the teacher said shoeing him off. "Hahahaha!" I laughed pointing at him. "See, told ya I'd laugh!" I smiled folding my hands on top of my desk. "Yeah sure, Maya. Be a follower, not a leader" he said sitting down. "I already follow the wrong people" I whispered to myself. "You follow the wrong people?" my math teacher asked. "Yeah, I look up to bad people" I said. "That's not good" he said and then began the math lesson. At the end of the class, I asked my friend if she would do my homework for me. "Yeah, no" she said. "I'll do your homework, Maya" said the kid who was pretending to be the teacher. "No, I know you will just put in all the wrong answers just to teach me a lesson about not doing my homework" I remarked. "I swear I won't. If I do, than you can kick me in the gutt" he said. "I don't even want to" I replied. "I'll still do it" he said. "Nah, I'll get someone else to" I said leaving. So, then after I told Riley and she told me about her rest of the day. Then we went home and ate cake! Yay! Me and Lucas didn't talk at all today. After what happened last night, him doing the Riley thing and me trying to apologize and him ignoring me and me and Farkle telling him we are not his friends on the walk to school and all. We didn't say one thing to each other today. It was kinda empty, it seemed. It was helpless and bitter silence between us. I talked to Sarah a little bit, only in Gym and history and not even that was much. So, check back on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart again soon!

My Dream's New Star

Hey, it's Maya and I have a major crisis. I know, I know. I know what your all thinking. "Seriously? Again?" and "She's gotta get a handle on her life" but FYI I do not need to get a handle on my life. I have great ways of handling things. Like how I can get my point across to people by just slappin' 'em straight, avoid the whole babble-babble, "I'm right, this is why I'm right, this is why your wrong" back and fourth arguement. Just slap 'em and that gets your every word across. Also, how I deal with jealousy. I handled that very well too. That happens to be out story today, so let's get on with it, shall we. No, that was not a question, it was a statement. So, last night was THE WORST NIGHT ever. Oh and also THE BEST NIGHT EVER. So, Riley was continuously on her phone and everyone got annoyed because she was basically ignoring us. So, then Lucas got mad at Farkle for not letting Riley annoy us, so he went on her side and they went up to the top bunk. So, I was once again left with Farkle. This happens often, you know, you'd think it would be just the ordinary them-go-up us-stay-down thing, but no. Riley and Lucas were doing the thing that Farkle and Riley always do, but in lower key. So basically what me and Lucas do. So, picture this. Your dream. Something you dream of everyday, something that you wait and wait for and never give up on waiting for. Then one day, it's the day it finally comes true. Everything you've ever wanted is coming true. Yay, right? Nope. Now imagine that it is still that day and your dream is coming true...but, your best friend is the one in your posistion. In your dream posistion, right where you've always wanted to be, your best friend is there instead. That is basically what it is for me. They had no idea, what I dreamt of every day and how much I longed for the moment my dreams would come true. And it did! Except, Riley was in my place. So, my dreams came true, but Riley was the one enjoying it and being the star of my dream, and I was eating my words with my mind. I mean, yeah my dreams came true, but it wasn't me, it was her. My best friend stole my dream, my everything, everything I've always wanted. Okay, so me and Farkle were together and Farkle was beyond jealous of Lucas and Riley doing that thing, he was trying to reassure himself by slapping me over and over and continuously repeating "Were okay, were okay, were okay, were okay, were okay" over and over and over again. So, then me and Farkle realized how disgusting it was to be in a bed just the two of us, no matter how far away we were. So, I grabbed a towel and wiped my arm off, which was laying on Farkle's stomach when he was slapping me over and over. He wiped off his shirt and everywhere he thought I touched. So, the Lucas kicked Riley out and Farkle being Farkle, he went and helped her. So, I was alone and this is how it ends everytime. I went and called my friend Alexis in Grade 7 and she tried to help me through it. So, then Farkle and Riley were back going all together and then you will not believe what happened next. We did basically the boys and girls challenge again. I loved it and so did Riley, but that lasted about 45 minutes. Then I tried to sleep and I couldn't and Farkle was putting Riley to sleep by gently rubbing her. So, Farkle asked me why I was sad, which I wasn't until that moment and you will not believe what happened! Oh, wait. Yes you will! Lucas pittied on...guess who? Yes, your right. Riley. Hello? Dream stealer! So, then everyone went to bed after Farkle finished putting Riley to sleep. Everyone but me fell asleep. I couldn't stop thinking of the image of Lucas and Riley up there, hearing Riley making her little girly noises and Lucas calming her down. I couldn't handle it, I couldn't handle being Kira. Kira is a girl in Austin and Ally who Austin has a crush on her and Ally but he likes Ally better and it is obviously shown and he just pretends to like Kira. Then I realized that I didn't want it to go this way. I really didn't and I thought maybe I should be the one to change that. So, I tried to apologize to Lucas, but he didn't listen to me, didn't even reply to me. So, I started crying to myself for a few minutes, he didn't listen to me which crushed me more than you'll ever know. So, I made sure nobody was awake and I started punching my arm, trying to think of the pain in my arm, rather than the pain image in my head. "Don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it" I repeated, trying to think of and feel the pain of my arm. Then I started crying and I was punching my arm, crying and crying and adventually Lucas did wake up. He didn't feel bad for me though, he got mad at me and told me to stop doing that because it was annoying. "I-I'm sorry" I said crying. When I was sure everyone fell asleep, I continued to punch my arm, didn't want no bozo scaring me and telling me to stop because my pain is annoying. So, that is how I handled the jealousy thing, I think I did a pretty good job, no? No, I know. So, I was doing that in history too, believe it or not, right at the front of the classroom and I did not get caught. Strange....Well, keep up with The 99 Problems of Maya Hart and don't forget to check back soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm Your Reflection

So, I bet at this point, everyone wants the truth. I want the truth. I only know my truth through internal thoughts. So, I remembered back to Thurday, back to Library class, back to last night and back to sports medicine class. I had unusual thoughts and hopes in history class today. Well, so a couple nights ago, the night that Riley's uncle was coming, I was normally sitting here. Farkle and Me, and Riley and Lucas teamed up and we once again, were fighting as usual. We were on the wii and me and Riley were in the middle of a song, I don't remember what song. I suddenly felt a not-too-hard smack up against the back of my shoulder. I turned to Riley with a shocked and mad look on my face, like it was her. I was shocked that Riley would actually attack me. My mouth was dropped open, I was staring at her like she did something very wrong. "That was Lucas!" she cried. I looked over at Lucas who definently did do it. I didn't say anything, I just kept that look on my face, like I did with Riley. Then we kept on playing the wii. Honestly, I didn't even think about it really. I just thought that it was really no big deal. Then a little bit later, we were on the couch and I was sitting in my normal spot, actually where I am this very minute. So, then I said something to/about Riley. A few seconds later, I kinda remembered Lucas hitting me. I didn't put much thought into it. But then like 5 seconds later, he hit me again, harder and more meaningful, he clearly thought before he did it this time. "Yeah, okay!" I said like it wasn't a big deal. "I gotta go do something" I said getting up and going into the bathroom. Tears rushed down my face and I was crying my eyes out, how could he do that to me? I wondered. Adventually, I remembered Riley's uncle was coming and this act would not do. So, I cleaned up and went back out like it was no big deal. Then ever since, I started hitting people all the time and it just came natural and I feel like it is okay to hit people now. Truthfully, I look up to Lucas. I always felt like he was a good influence on me and I wanted to be as well-behaved as he was and I wanted to be like him, I did. So, because he hit me, ever since it just hits my mind that it is okay to hit people. Today in gym, my friend was telling the teacher her push-up score and she got one off the passing mark and she decided to cheat and give it to herself anyway. "You can't do that!" I cried, hitting her. We both started attacking each other and hitting each other. It just came natual that way. I just hit people regularly now. I look up to Lucas and if he can hit people, so can I. He taught me to be that way and I want to be like him, so if he can hit people, especially a girl, so can I. So, I just don't know why my head tells me it's okay, it just does. So, check back on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart again soon!

Girl Meets Maya's World: Credits & Congrats

So, I just finished the final chapter of "Girl Meets Maya's World" and let me just say, it was an honor writing the story. I am so thankful I wrote it, it helped me understand and figure out more ideas of what to do with life. How I handled these situations really showed me a light I've never seen before. It helped me to realize to never hurt your friends and be there when they need you. You never know how badly you can hurt someone, really. Trust me, I would know. It helped me to realize that these are tough situations not meant to be taken lightly and abuse is something we, as American's must conquer. We let our own fear prevent us from saving the life of another. We hurt people, and it goes too far and people take this lightly. It helped me realize that we need to stand up. Stand up for what is right here in The United States of America!

Girl Meets Maya's World, a Girl Meets World story centered around Maya Hart, Girl Meets World's deuteragonist, as she faces one of the world's most serious problem today. Maya learns that abuse is not something to be taken lightly and it may be hard to stand up, to stick out and to not feel in danger doing so, but no matter what telling an adult is the right thing to do. Maya also learns that in every tough situation your in, you will always have a friend by your side, even if they seem to be getting in your way, they are just trying to protect you. Girl Meets Maya's World is based on a true story that is not too different from this one. This past August, Maya found her best friend in a tough situation, crying to her about abuse that was going on with her during that month. In August, Maya tried to confront Connor, Brooklyn and the rest of their group, but failed as they took her down with their words. Maya feared them and let her fears get in the way of saving her best friend, who was often coming home bruised and she now has difficult facing every-day challenges. Maya supported her friend, but didn't do very much to stop it. She now has learned, this story has taught her to always stand up for what is right and do not let your fears get in the way of what could be, saving someone's life.

I was inspired to write this story when my best friend found herself in a situation involving older teenagers and abuse. Riley and her situation inspired me to write this story and show the world and myself that it is not that hard to stand up. One little thing that you do, could make a big difference in someone else's life. Guarenteed. I also gives credit to my friends, Farkle and Lucas for inspiring me to show great friendship and how being there and protecting your friends is important. I wouldn't have been able to show true friendships and relationships with real suspense and true trust and care without them. I also give credit to Riley for letting me write this story, bringing the light to me, showing me how to really handle situations like this.

Thanks to everyone for reading "Girl Meets Maya's World" and I am very proud to be the author with inspiration of this story and it was a blessing writing for all of you who enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you America!

Girl Meets Maya's World: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Maya's Final Vision

I knew that for a fact, Riley would never tell me what Connor did to her. I knew it must've been something out of the ordinary. I mean, why Connor? Why wouldn't it be all of them doing it? I mean, why wouldn't the others do it too? Is it possible for all of them to? I kept myself up all night, asking myself such questions. I laid in my bed, which no matter how much I covered up, I was still cold. Stone cold. So, the sleep I got last night, was slim to none. When I woke up this morning, I got up to go to school. I did my morning routine as regular and made my way to school.

When I got there, Lucas came up to me. "So, you didn't show up at the subway yesterday" he said. "Huh?" I responded. "You told Riley you were going to meet me at the subway" he said. "Oh, yeah, right" I said. "I never asked you to, why'd ya tell Riley that?" he asked. "I must've said the wrong name, I meant Christy, Christy was going to meet me at the subway" I said. "Who's Christy?" he asked. "How should I know? Why ya asking me?" I responded. "Because you just said you met 'Christy' in the subway" he said. "Oh!...I did?" I responded. "Uhh...yeah!" he said. "Oh, well I meant that...Oh forget it!" I said, slamming my locker and walking to class.

I was waiting and waiting for Riley to show up, but she never did. Neither did Mr. Matthews, maybe they haven't fully recovered as I had percieved. Ms. Fernfelt had returned and was collecting our homework assignments from the day before. "Miss Hart, homework?" she asked. "Uhh, let me see, let me see...Nope!" I said. "Well, it's due today, so your getting a zero?" she assumed. "Guess it's lookin' that way, isn't it short stuff?" I responded sassily. She smirked and walked to Lucas's desk and then from the next person to the next. "Nice move, dreamer" Lucas said to me. "Dreamer? Your way off, leave the nicknames to the expert" I said turning around. "Whatever makes you happy" he said. I wanted to shutter in annoyance, but I couldn't, I was too focused on trying to figure out the puzzle of the Riley/Connor and Spike/Brooklyn thing. When school was over, I rushed to my locker and packed up as fast as I could. I knew what I had to do after school today.

I got home and dropped off all my stuff. I grabbed a quick granola bar as a snack and locked the door tightly. For once, it didn't freeze up. I walked all the way to Brooklyn's house. I went up to the doorstep and was about to ring the bell. I was waiting for Spike to drag me away and call me crazy. But he didn't. He never showed. I never really rung the doorbell, I was just bluffing, so Spike would come out and talk to me. But he wasn't there. "I'm going to ring the doorbell to Brooklyn's house!" I yelled, hoping he would hear me. "My fingers almost on the bell!" I cried. "I am about to meet Brooklyn and her fury of abuse-ee-ness!" I cried. "Abuse-ee-ness? What a stupid word? Why did I say that?" I thought. I was waiting and waiting for Spike but he never showed up. He knows how to get ahold of me, but I don't know how to get ahold of him. Adventually, Brooklyn opened the door. I totally forgot that Spike said Brooklyn goes to Gracie's around this time. "Ahh! Eww!" Brooklyn cried. "What are you doing here, Blondie?" she asked. "I was...uhhh..." I responded, trying to think of something, I was out of ideas. "I'm waiting. If you don't have a good reason for being here, then I'm gonna..." she drifted off. "Uhhh?" I questioned. "Where'd you get that pin?" she asked, looking down at the pin Spike gave to me. "Depends, who's asking?" I responded. "Who does it look like, hun. I don't have all day to play your playground games" she said. "Well, I got it from a friend of mine" I replied. "By the name of?" she asked. "I-I...I can't remember" I said.

Brooklyn grabbed onto my shirt and twisted it, like I did to Farkle in Girl Meets Popular. "Spill it, Blondie. Or your friend gets it" she threatned. "No, not Riley!" I cried. Then suddenly, Lucas ran up to us and pulled me and Brooklyn apart. "Let her go!" he yelled. "She-She-She's gonna hurt Riley!" I cried. Lucas pulled me up to him and looked over at Brooklyn. "Do not hurt our friend" he said. "Oh, yeah. What are you gonna do if we do" she said. "No!" I cried and tried to attack Brooklyn. "Whoa, whoa, Maya!" Lucas called pulling me back. I leaned my head into him and started crying. "Where's Riley? Do you have her?" Lucas asked Brooklyn, holding me tightly. "Not now anyway" Brooklyn said. "Just leave her alone!" I cried into Lucas. Brooklyn came up to me. "Watch it, Blondie" she said. I pulled up closer to Lucas and he pulled me away from Brooklyn. "Look, we just want you to stop hurting our friend and just leave her alone. Is there anyway that is possible?" Lucas asked. "Oh my gosh! You two are almost as annoying as Riley herself, ughh!" Brooklyn cried. I looked up at Lucas with a sad look on my face. He nodded his head at me. "Okay, this is enough. You are not just attacking Riley, literally, but you are hurting Maya, her best friend. It's too much pressure for her and your hurting Riley which hurts Maya" Lucas said. My frown turned to a smile as I looked to Lucas. "Come on, Maya. Let's go" Lucas said grabbing my hand and pulling me down the steps. "Finally" Brooklyn said, making her way to Gracie's.

After Lucas took me back to my house, I got ready for bed. I called Riley and talked to her for a bit. I told her that I went to Brooklyn's house to get Spike to talk to me, but she said he's only there if he needs to be and I was fine on my own, until Lucas showed up. And who knows, maybe if he didn't I would've been history. So, after that, I decided to never go back to Brooklyn's house again. I was terrified and I didn't wanna know what happens next. So, I never really knew what happened after that. Nobody did. Only Riley knows to this day....Whatever will happen next?


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Girl Meets Maya's World: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Unexplained Circumstances

"But what did Connor do?" I asked. It went silent...."Riley?" I said. "Yeah..." she said. "What did Connor do?" I asked. "It doesn't matter" she said. "It doesn't matter? I am all against 'It doesn't matter' Riley" I said. "It actually does matter, it's the most important thing in the world" I added. "Well, not to me" she said. I knew that Riley was attacked and all, I just didn't really know any details at all, well they didn't exploid them on the news and how else would I know? I know just as much as anyone else...I think.

"Riley, your not gonna tell me?" I asked, assuring the conversation. "Nope" she said. I sighed, "Okay, but your coming to school tomorrow, or what?" I asked. "I don't know" she said. "Bye" I replied. I was just about to walk out the door, "Brooklyn did it to Spike when he was in my posistion" she said. I turned around, slowly with a shocked look on my face. "Excuse me?" I replied, slowly walking over to her. "She did it to Spike when he was 12" she said. "S-She did what to Spike?" I asked. "And why was it Brooklyn, isn't Connor like the leader or something?" I added. "Because it would be weird if Connor did it to Spike, that'd just be wrong" she said. "How so?" I asked. "The same gender? Gross" she said. I made a strange awkwarded out look. "Gross? So, it's not gross if the opposite sex does it?" I asked, trying to put this puzzle together. "Not as gross anyway" she said. I sat there, not responding, but thinking. I don't do that often, but I kinda needed to at this point. "Okay, so your not gonna tell me?" I asked. "Duh" she replied. "Well, then I know who will" I thought. "I've gotta get going" I added, walking towards the door. "Where to?" she asked. "Since when do you have something to do?" she added. "Umm, Lucas told me to meet him at the subway" I said. "Oh, well have fun on your date with Lucas" she said. "Huh? I'm sorry, what?" I turned around. I honestly did not hear what she said. "I said have fun with Lucas" she said, with a guilty smile on her face. "Yeah? Will do....?" I said, confused. I walked out and waved goodbye to the rest of the family. This is a mystery that I have to uncover.

What could've Connor did to Riley? What could've Brooklyn did to Spike? If Riley won't tell me, I just know who might....

Monday, November 10, 2014

Girl Meets Maya's World: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I'm Not a Little Girl

When I got home, I rushed in everything I was doing, waiting and waiting for the right time to call Lucas and tell him what happened today. I ate dinner as fast as I could, when my mother walked into the house. "Hey, Maya. You home?" she called. "In here!" I called putting my dishes into the dishwasher. "Hey, I'm going for another shift at 11 tonight, you'll be here by yourself, is that okay?" she asked. "Yeah, that's fine" I agreed. My mother looked down at my pin on my jacket. "Where'd you get that beautiful pin?" she asked glancing at it. "Oh, just a friend" I answered, holding it in my fingers, looking down at it only once.

My mom patted my head and made her way upstairs. I slowly turned around after her head pat and looked at her with a confused/annoyed look. I placed myself on the couch and started thinking about the danger Riley could be in. Then I looked down at Spike's pin to reassure myself. I decided I wasn't going to just sit around all night. I haven't actually been able to see Riley, face-to-face in what seemed like months, but was only a week or two. I decided to go over to the Matthews Residents and see my best friend for once. It was way before my mom left for The Nighthawk Diner, that I made my way to Riley's house. When I got there, I knocked on the door, instead of buzzing in, it seemed like the right thing to do. Mrs. Matthews answered the door. "Hello, Maya" she said. "Hi, Mrs. Matthews is Riley home?" I asked. "Yes of course, she's still recovering, but come on in" she said moving so I could step in. "Maya!"Auggie called, running at me and then hugging me tightly. "Whoa, what's up little man?" I asked bending down at him. "Your here" he smiled. "Yeah, of course I am, why wouldn't I be?" I asked. "Because your never are anymore" he said. Mrs. Matthews stretched her lips out, looking at me. I think I must've done something wrong. "Oh, I'm sorry about that. Things with your sister are just trying to get through my head ya know" I said, rubbing Auggie's head. Auggie's facial expressions were sad. His smile turned to a frown and I didn't know why. "I'm sorry" I said. He hugged me, I could feel his cold tears dropping on my shirt. I was bent down on one knee this whole time, to reach his height. When we pulled out, he held his little hands on my shoulders and his face was wet and red, but he had a big smile across his face. I laughed quietly and smiled back at him. "We can play together, but you should go see Riley first" Auggie suggested. "Yeah, okay!" I smiled rubbing his little head. I stood up and walked to Mr. Matthews.

"Hey, Mr. Matthews" I said placing myself beside him. He looked at me sadly and then faced forwards again. "Mr. Matthews, I'm so so sorry for not coming in sooner, I just thought you and Riley needed your space to recover and didn't want me getting all in your business" I said. He looked at me, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Maya, your apart of this family and we need you to be here for us and we want to be there for you during hard times like this" Mr. Matthews said. "I'm so sorry" I said. "It's okay, Maya. I know you meant no harm. But Riley needs you more right now, more than I do" he said, motioning to Riley's room. "Yeah, okay" I said standing up and walking over to the hallway by Riley's room.

The door was shut and I looked at it. "I remember when it was so brightning and gave me happiness, not fear" I thought. I knocked on the door and then opened it. "Maya" I called, like I was buzzing in. "Come on up" Riley replied, laying on her bed, smiling. I walked in and sat on the edge of her bed. Her face had bruises on it and her left eye was black. I looked around and the majority of the spots on her were covered in blood, or bruisings. "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner, or even call in the least" I apologized immediately. "That's okay" she replied in a trembly voice. "I was just so shocked and it bit me like...Kiwi did to me 6 times" I laughed. "He's doing good" Riley said glancing at Kiwi's cage. "The very day at school, the principal announced all Grade 7 classes to stay in homeroom and not go to Period 1. She came in and told us what happened and that the student was you and it hit me like a boulder. Me, Farkle and Lucas were all devistated and we went home that day because we couldn't stand being at school, with this news just broken to us" I said. "Oh" she said. "I cried for hours on end, I cried for like probably 80% of that day" I added. "Did she tell you?" I asked. "Who? Tell me what?" she asked. "Brooklyn, did she tell you I came that night, to rescue you?" I asked. "Yeah, her and Connor did. They made me think that they were holding you hostage" she said. "Oh, wow" I replied. "Yeah, and then she said that you got out" Riley added.  "Yeah, I did. They weren't gonna hold me hostage anyway" I said. "What's that pin?" Riley asked pointing to Spike's pin. "Oh, interesting story, actually" I said. Riley looked at me like she was waiting to hear it. "Well, I was going to Brooklyn's house, earlier today to give her a piece of my mind and well, I was just about to ring the doorbell when I found myself being yanked down her driveway and slammed into the side of her house" I explained. "What!? Who did that?" she asked. "They meant no harm, it was, you won't believe this" I said. "Who, who was it?" she asked. "Spike" I responded, ever so softly. "Spike? What, really!?" she asked happily. "Yeah, he told me to not go back to Brooklyn's and he gave me this pin and said I will always be undefeatable with it" I said. "Oh, yay! I can't believe he came back" she said. "Yeah, he just wants to help other kids get out of the situation you are in and he was in" I added. "Oh" she said. "Yeah and the best part is he told me not to worry and he is going to try and help you out" I told her. "Yay! I feel a bit better now...only emotionally though" she sighed. "Yeah, I know. I tried to help, but Lucas was being overprotective and wouldn't let me go too far" I said. "Typical Lucas, huh?" Riley asked. "Yeah, I know that" I replied. "Your too young to go through this" I said. Riley's smiled faded like a rainbow. "Your just a little girl--" she cut me off right then. "I'm not a little girl, Maya" she said. "Yes, you are, your 12" I said. "Yeah, but I'm not a little girl anymore" she said. "Am I a little girl?" I asked. "Yeah, you still are, but I'm not" she said. "How, I'm older than you. I turned 12 before you" I said. "Yeah, but your still a little girl, I'm not" she said. "How is that possible?" I asked. "Did Connor do that to you? Make you grow up too fast?" she asked. "What?" I asked. "Did he?" she repeated. "No, of course not" I replied. "Well then your still a little girl" she said. "But what did Connor do?" I asked. It went silent.