Saturday, August 30, 2014

That Crazy Childhood!

So, today I am going to tell you about my crazy childhood. So, as you all know, I was born on January 16th 2001 to my mom and dad. Well, my dad moved out when I was 2 months old, a very young age. I never met him. He has a new family now, but when I was a little girl, he sent me stuff to show me that he knows I'm his daughter and he wanted me to know that, but he couldn't see me because of my mom and whatever happened between the two, god only knows. So, he sent me stuff when I was little, like when I was 4 years old, he sent me a expensive box, with a photo album inside. Every picture place was empty, except the last page. It had a picture of our family, My mom, My dad and me when I was only 3 weeks old. My mom never let me have it until my 10th Birthday and that's when I actually got to have it. So, when I was 8 years old, he never sent me anything anymore. He sent me stuff when I was 7 and younger and I am 13 now, but when I was 8 he stopped sending me stuff. He may have forgotten about me or something like that. So, my mom never really loved me as a child. She didn't neglect me. She fed me, she bathed me, I had clothes, a bed to sleep in, mostly the general things a child needs. She just never hugged and kissed me, never told me she loved me, she never really wanted to raise a child. She just had nowhere else for me to go and she didn't want to put me in foster care, again only God knows why. So, I grew up like a child with an orphan. So, I grew up to be this girl, failing every class, not caring about anything that goes on around me, that rebel girl who dresses darkly and misbehaves and I don't do what I am told. I have nobody at home who helps me with my homework. So, that is basically how I grew up. So, I looked a lot younger and more innocent when I was a child, (Duh!) and so I just wanted to show you me when I was a child and when I was younger. So, here are some of my not-so-great childhood memories.

That is me when I was 10 years old. I looked like a normal child and all because I was, sorta. That wasn't long after my 10th Birthday, it was like end-of-October, beginning-of-November type thing.

This is me when I was almost 10, at age 9. I went to Disneyland with The Matthews' Family. It was lots of fun. Okay, maybe not all these memories are bummers, but some of them are. I mean, I was at Disneyland and I don't even think my mom cared or even would've cared if I didn't ask to go with them. Riley invited me to come. That was the summer from Grade 3 going into 4. It was the summer inbetween. I was almost 10.

That day, I was 8 years old. Me and Riley were filming on her camera in the backyard of her house and she was filming her backyard and everything in it. She said "This is my best friend, Maya" the camera was off and she was shining it on the wrong thing at first and then she said "Oh, oops. That's Maya!" and showed it on me. We saved screen shots and printed them out. She has one of her like this too because she gave me the camera to show it on her. I don't have hers though, I only have mine.

Okay, I have to admit, I thought my hair was less-blond when I was little, but it is only a teeny-tiny bit less-blond than it is now. I was I think 10 there. I think I just turned 10.

And that's it now. That was the last of my childhood memories and all of that. So thanks for reading and viewing!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Quotev Conversation I Always Look To

So, on Quotev I have quite a few comment conversations with people like my friends, or just people I only know online. I had this one conversation with Farkle and it always makes me feel better looking back on it, reminding me that he is there and I can always go to him if I need extra support. I always feel let down when Riley...her. Whenever she fights against me, I began crying yesterday. I was about to cry and I was crying hard under my blanket, with my computer, when I realized I have Farkle. When I went to comment on his profile, I couldn't even get the words out. When I put the comment up, I said "Farkle, please talk to me, I need to talk to you" and he didn't answer for quite some time. I was waiting and I saw nothing, so I said "Farkle, please are you there?" and he replied. He asked me what it was and I said "I can't even, I just don't know what to say" and when he replied "Well neither do I then" I was surprised. He was doubting me that whole conversation and I was hurt by that. Want to see it? Here it is:
The beginning was me and Farkle, then Riley got into it, ignore that. So, the conversation I always look back on because it was so helpful and I was shocked about what happened with Farkle because he really helped me out, it is 58 comments long, get comfortable and it is really shocking because before this, I hadn't talked to him in what seemed for weeks. Then he randomly commented me and asked to talk to me. It was really helpful and I am thankful he did that because now I know he is useful to me for something! Here's the conversation if you want to view it.

Me, Maya, Names and Meanings

So, I have gotten some weird information on my name. It's Maya if you don't know that. Which you probably do. So, it turns out that 'Maya' means "A mother's unconditional love for her children" and I was just like "No, that can't be" because my mom has no love for her child, nevermind it being unconditional. Andon Quotev and other websites like Google+ everyone is saying "Hi Maya" "Hey Maya" "I will always be there for you Maya" and nobody understands how that annoys me. My friend Scripter21/Dana on Quotev, we always go on chat together in the chat box thing and talk and whenever I come online, the chat box that says "Scripter21" starts glowing orange and it makes a blinking noise to tell me someone is chatting me. I click it everytime I come online and she says "Hi Maya" and "Maya" and she says Maya all the time. You want proof of that? I will put links up of our conversations to show you, she always says Maya.

See, this is what I was telling you about. Maya this, Maya that. They just don't understand that I feel no better when they call me Maya because I am not proud of who I am. I am tired of hearing "It's gonna be okay Maya" or "Im so sorry Maya" because I am not proud of being "Maya" and I am tired of hearing it. Can anyone just understand that?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Innocence - My New Song!

My newest song is Avril Lavigne - This Innocence and I am proud to put it on this blog. Thanks for viewing!

That's my new song. If I know you, I know you already know how it goes, just don't listen to it. Thanks all my viewers (who aren't dirty liars; long story short, nother fight with Riley) for viewing The 99 Problems of Maya Hart. And yes, I am aware that I made this post super short, making it look long with a video. Thanks anyway!

Fought The Frienship Fight

So, I haven't yet announced this on my blog but I unexpectedly annouced the 700 pageviews thing. So, what I haven't told you yet, is that me and Riley decided to end our pitty fight on literally nothing (maybe mistrust, but let's forget that) and become best friends again. Now, all those things I said on "The 99 Reasons Not to Trust a Best Friend" I didn't mean any of that! I was bluffing! Fibbing! Kidding! Jokin' around! I didn't mean any of it! Best friends are forever! And friends come and go and so do best friends, but best friends always come back. So, Riley and me have reunited and became best friends again and we sang in the park to Lucas and Farkle, don't ask. So now that that is back to normal, best friends are forever!

703 Pageviews Total!

So, here on The 99 Problems of Maya Hart, we have reached our goal that I have not set of 700 pageviews. Of course, we have 703, but what's the difference? Like I said to my math teacher "5 numbers off doesn't make a difference" and I meant it. So, happy 700 Pageviews to whoever's reading this!

Happy 700 Pageviews to The 99 Problems of Maya Hart, it's readers and author (Oh, you shouldn't have!)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The 99 Reasons To Not Trust a Best Friend

So, alot of people in this world have what they so call a "best friend" If you are one of those people, listen up and listen good. That person is human. They are the same species as all the others out there who turned you down over a million times. That person you call a "best friend" is just another one of them who pretends to be there momentarily, so when the time comes, they will hurt you most of all because they claimed themself to be your "best friend" Friends fail you. Nobody is perfect and there is always at least a slight problem with everyone. That "best friend" is just like all the rest. They'll fail you. The person who said "I will stand by you" will get revenge on you quicker than the blink of your own eye. My suggestion, do not get a best friend and do not trust them so deeply, that it won't hurt you as badly when they finally "bring out their inner beast" or "show who they really are" And you want to know who they really are? Human. They are a human. Who will never be perfect no matter what they say to them? Humans. I once said (in The August 15th Episode) "Learn not to expect much, because when you don't get it, it is more of a disapointment than it would've been if you believed them less" So, my point is, if you have a best friend and you would lean on them for anything at all! Try not getting close to people because they will break you into tiny little pieces, wherefore someone who you weren't close to, wouldn't hurt as bad because you didn't trust them. So, my advice stands. Best friends aren't trustworthy more than they are human. Get a clue and figure it out before it's too late. Don't end up like me. You don't wait and trust people as long as I do.

Quotes to Prove it All

That's it today folks. Stay tuned for more up dates on why best friends...don't exist. It's imaginary. Nobody is that good of a person, it's all in our heads. This is what is worth it? All the lies, the leaving and the "I will be there for you" forgetting the end of  that saying which is "for now"

Friday, August 22, 2014

Childstarlets Overload (Part 2)

Hey Goofballs! This is it! The last moment before The Official Post of Childstarlets Part 2. I just watched Season 1 Episode 5 Girl Meets Truth. Now, because I watched the episode, I am able to finish "Childstarlets Overload" and the second part will be a charm. So, put your hands together for the full and complete version of "Childstarlets Overload (Part 2)"

Well, that's a wrap for "Childstarlets Overload (Part 2)" Stick around for more fun from The 99 Problems of Maya Hart! Thanks for viewing and come back again soon!