Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Apparent Curfew

So, Last night, Me and Riley went to Naylan and Paytan's house. They are two little girls who listen to other people's problems. So, Riley wanted to go to their house. Only Naylan was home so she came outside. I told her about how I almost lit our homework on fire with Farkle's fireworks. So, then after a while, Paytan was walking back to their house and she was with another girl. They came to the park and Naylan introduced us to her. "This is Riley and..." Naylan said as I cut her off. "I'm Maya" I said. I wanted to introduce myself, so I cut her off and said 'I'm Maya' and she said her name was Meadow. So Meadow asked if we wanted to play her mythical creatures game and I said because my mom said I am not a normal person, so "Maya Hart" is technically a mythical cretaure. So I played as Maya and Riley played Riley. They all made up their own names and creatures. We kept getting off topic, talking about our stupid personal lives. Meadow kept asking to play the mythical creature game and everyone just kept kinda ignoring it. Then finally I said "Fine, I'll play" and she said "Finally!" and we began playing the mythical creature game. Paytan was my sister and we lived on the rocks. Meadow and Naylan lived in some sort of kingdom on the playset. Then Riley was basically herself, a wacky weirdo. Then when it was getting dark, Riley said we had to go inside which was weird to me because I can stay out as long as I want. Or so I thought that. So, normal people have curfews? Wow, weird...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who Have I Become? (Girl Meets Truth Promo)

So, it says that in a future episode, the one airing on August 1, 2014 called Girl Meets Truth, that I am stealing things from somewhere, it doesn't reveal where and I was kinda confused, so I want to show you the commercial which has the scene of Riley asking me about it and me standing there gulitily and kinda showing I did, so I'm gonna show you that now.

So, yeah check that out. Isn't that a shocker? So, let's see what I do in that situation. I kinda want to see that myself. Actually, I do want to see that myself. I will it airs on August 1, 2014 so I am going to watch that. Let's just wait and see how that turns out.

Scenes and Memories

So, I have decided to post all the clips from my show, Girl Meets World, here on my blog, so I can watch them all in a row with out taking the time to make a playlist and then wait for videos to load onto the next and it just gets tiring. So, here are all my scenes and clips from my show.

So those are some of the clips from our show, you get to kinda see what me and my friends are actually like, rather than me just explaining it. It's pretty cool, I am excited to watch these. Thanks for reading The 99 Problems of Maya Hart and stay tuned for more right here on Maya Hart's blog.

My Newest Song

So, I have a new song, by a weird artist with a weird title. It is a dude singing and it is kinda a song that represents me and my family and so, I decided to add it to my playlist because I like the song too. So here is my new song called Money Honey by State of Shock.

This is my newest song on my newest post, By Maya Hart. Thanks for viewing and be sure to check back again soon.

Quotev - Quite The Site

So, I just joined a website called Quotev which is like a profile website. You can make and take quizes and stories and things like that. So, I joined it as Maya Hart obviously. My profile is and yeah. So that's my page. If you want to view it, go ahead. It's why I posted it. So, yeah.

Pictures and Photographs

So, yeah I just found new pictures so have them here, why not? Okay, so posting them now. Like right now. Okay, let's just get on with this.

And that's it for now, so yeah.

Wikia's Maya Hart Main Article

At the bottom of my Wikia page, it has a quiz or a question you can answer about me in the show and you seriosuly won't believe what the question was. And I quote "Do you think Farkle & Maya will date some day?" and I was like...No! Other people thought different. I mean seriously come on, out of every shipping on the show, mine and Farkle's is the second most common after Riley and Lucus's who are obviously going to get together. Wow, this is outrageous. Okay, well I am going to prove Wikia and all their little contributors wrong. They want to see Maya and Farkle? Well they can see Maya and Farkle....NEVER HAPPEN! So, yeah it's only in his dreams. That is just unlucky for him, great for me. So yeah that's basically it.

The General Facts

So, I woke up this morning and thought that I should make a list of the general facts about me and then it'll be easy to get to know me. And the best part is, you get to know me and I don't have to know you. So let's get on with this.

  • My name is Maya Hart
  • I was born on January 16th 2001
  • I am 13 years old
  • I live with my mother, Katy Hart
  • My mother pays no attention to me
  • I have nobody at home helping me with my homework
  • My best friend's name is Riley Matthews
  • I am gifted at drawing
  • I live in New York City
  • I go to John Quincy Adams Middle School
  • I am a straight D student
  • I am kind of a rebel or so they say
  • I wear dark colors and wavy hair
  • I have blonde hair
  • I have blue eyes
So, that is pretty much my general information. So that is what I wanted to do so that is what I did. Now I am going to write a different post.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Irresponsible Becomes Responsible...

So, I have watched many episode clips of each episode and there are always good scenes on results for apparently, and West and Riley do not make a comment on this, but Farkle. It shows episode clips and high-quality scenes on Farkle scenes. So, I watched all the Farkle scenes and i was in a lot of them. Riley and West, do not make a comment on that. I know you are....That's not how we play this game! Okay, anyway. So, I was shocked to see what some people would call a "Maya and Farkle moment" which was more of an inspirational moment, where Farkle finds out my rebel girl artist secret, and it just really is kinda like Wow! Because he was actually being mature and normal for a second there. So, want to see Farkle being nice and normal? Then watch this clip... (Oh and Mature Farkle is from 2:10 to 3:46 you can watch the whole thing if you want, otherwise 2:10 to 3:46 is the timing)
Yeah, weird right? That's Farkle, the Farkle I know. It's hard to believe, not that the only Farkle that exists in the world is the one I know, but because he is mature for once. So yeah,

Episode Excitement!

So, I was very very shocked to find out that my first ever episode, Girl Meets World, is coming on tomorrow at Noon. Girl Meets World is the title of the first episode as well as the show, I know it is weird, but it is. Like the title of my blog is the title of my first ever post. So, tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1 is coming on and I am very excited. It's one of the episodes I've never seen and I can't wait! I've seen Season 1 Episode's 2 and 4. Not 1 or 3. I wish I could see 3, but I don't even know what it is. Riley, Farkle and Lucus must be excited. I haven't seen them in a while. My house is pretty far from Riley's. But I'm at mine right now. So, tomorrow at noon, the first ever episode is coming on which sounds good, right? Yeah, but it isn't. We have a jam packed day tomorrow, we are going downtown on a subway train where me and Riley once went and I think met Lucus there. We are watching a 1 hour performance of something that I don't even know because it sounds boring and then we are meeting Riley's mom's friend who is bringing her 6 year old son named Riley and we are going to the beach with them. I will long miss that episode. Oh, well Riley's mom said I can record it on her PVR or VCR or something like that. I will later. I have to shower tonight which I am not in the mood. Though my hair looks like a giant mop. In the mall today, I was wearing an undershrit apparently and my hair looked like a used mop. I said if you replaced a manicans head with a mop and put an undershirt on it, there's Maya for you. So anyway, I can't wait to watch my episode one day. Like tomorrow or the next day or something.

Picture from the first episode. I don't know, filling space.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Me and Farkle?! As If...

So, at Wild Rapids, Farkle was calling me and Riley his girls. Then adventually, Riley and I got onto the topic of saying it to each other. Not "Farkle's Girls" but similar things to that. In line for one of the slides, I was saying Riley and Farkle will get together and making my hands in a kissy mode making them kiss each other. She said me and Farkle would and did the same thing. Then I said "Today, we are joining Riley and Farkle in Holy Matromony" and Riley was shocked. "Riley, do you take Farkle to be your loyal husband? I do" I said. "And Farkle, do you take Riley to be your loyal wife? I do" I said and "You may now kiss the bride" and I did the hand kiss again. "No!" Riley screamed and tried to split my kissing hands. Then she did it to me and "Farkle" and we kept accusing each other of having a crush on Farkle and we kept denying it. Then I said Riley is going to get married to Farkle and she said I was going to get married to him. I denied it, she denied it. Then in the hot tub, I kept making my own hand marriage seremony of Riley and Farkle's wedding. Then I said "We join Maya and Ryan Gosling in Holy Matromony" and Riley said "We join Riley and Taylor Lautner in Holy Matromony" and I corrected her and said "Riley and Farkle in Holy Matromony" and then a man in the hot tub overheard us and said "what about Channing Tatum?" and I went "Oh! We join Maya Hart and Channing Tatum in Holy Matromony" and we kept saying selebrities were joining us in Holy Matromony. Then I said after we got out of the hot tub, "Farkle's got nothing aside being cute" and Riley gasped "Oh! You just admitted it!" and I said "No, I said all he is is cute" and she said "I agree with that" and I didn't really mean that. I mean me and Farkle?! No! Pfft, that's stupid. Why would I, Maya Hart want to date him, Farkle Minkus. No way! Not a chance....

Rockin' Wild Rapids

So, today me and Riley went to Wild Rapids, a extreme themed waterpark where you ride down a half pipe and it's required that you go down on the slide head first. Other slides you go down on a tube. So we went down them all, some lines were long, but we got there just as it was opening so the beginning was pretty empty. It was crowded near the middle and less crowded near the end. So, we went down the half pipe and one time, a 9 year old boy behind us in line said to me "You sure you want to go down this one?" I was thinking "Me!? What about you Mister??" I said "I go down spinning with my eyes closed" I said. "I'm not afraid of anything" I said. "I'm afraid of her" Riley said. "She's my best friend" she added. Then when it was my turn, I looked back at the 9 year old child and said "Spin please!" and I glared back at him. Then I got on and Amanda sent me off. Amanda is the slide manager who worked there. She knew Me and Riley after we introduced ourselves and we kinda knew her too. Then I closed my eyes and went down. When I got out, I realized I just owned that little punk. When Me and Riley watched him go down, he wasn't nearly as brave as I was. "Sucker" I thought and I walked off. Then there was this little girl in line in behind me when Riley and Me were on the head first slide and she started telling me about how she goes down the slide and what always happens to her. Like I cared. Then whenever she met up with me, she re-explained it. "I get it" I thought, but I kept my mouth shut. She was 9-10 years old. I couldn't just be rude to her if she wasn't asking for it. Then on the Hell's Gate tube slide, a bumped into a kid who was a bit older than me and I said "Go kid" and he glared at me slowing down to prove to me he isn't moving. "You don't want to mess with me" I said. "I'm like 5 years older than you" he said. "Really? How old are you?" I asked unbelieving. "14" he said. "I'm 13" I replied. "Sh-yea right" he said. "I am" I added. Then I realized, if he is 14 and he thought I was 5 years younger than him, I would be...9 years old. Really? 9?? God, people don't get it. Then when I walked by them later, they couldn't of been more snotty about it. "13 year old" they smirked as they walked by me. "9 year olds" I thought. We had lunch, I had a hot dog and Riley had fries. Well, that was most of the highlights of The Wild Rapids Trip. Next, you will hear about the most annoying and IMPOSSIBLE highlight of the trip. It was so big, I have to put it into it's own post. Stay tuned for that next.

The Original Girl

So, I am just wandering around on the computer and googling different things about me and seeing what shows up. I found some pretty good pictures and decided to add them here. So, this is what I am going to do now. Add some more pictures of me.

So that's it I guess. So, I guess this is the end of this post for now. Okay, I am not going to continue the post, but it's the end of writing here for now. I guess. Yeah, that's it. I'm just going to go and publish this now. Okay, so bye for now I guess.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

99 Problems (The Official Issues)

I called this blog The 99 Problems of Maya Hart. I have like 99 problems, it seems. So I will list them off and we will see how many I can get.

1. I have to go to school
2. I am failing every class in school
3. Girl Meets Crazy Hat is the worst episode that kills me
4. Everyone ships me with Lucas
5. I was the only kid in 7th Grade with a flip phone
6. My history teacher is my best friend Riley Matthews' dad
7. I am not currently staying with my parents
8. My father moved out of our house soon after I was born
9. My mom pays no attention to me
10. My father has another family
11. I have nobody at home helping me with my homework
12. My friend Riley is trying to save me from life
13. The phone I now have was boughten by Riley's father, not mine
14. Another terrible episode is Girl Meets World of Terror (I used to love it)
15. I only have one decent and normal friend
16. I practically live for myself
17. I feed myself, get myself up every morning, shop for myself
18. I take care of myself at home
19. My mother can't afford to raise me
20. My mother works as a struggling waitress
21. My mother would rather persue her dream of becoming an actress rather than raising me
22. It kills me that I can't get to Lucas
23. I used to have a blue and grey flip phone, being the only one in the class
24. I struggle with school and living at home
25. Farkle Minkus, the most obnoctious kid in school has a crush on me
26. I'm worried about falling for Farkle
27. I am gifted at art rather than martial arts
28. The closest thing to a 'romance' I have is with...Farkle
29. My mom usually forgets my Birthday

So, I basically have 29 problems. 99 just sounds better, but I could come up with that if I really had to. So that was the 99/29 Problems of Maya Hart.

Maya Hart's Playlist 2014

So, I have a whole playlist of songs. There are about 10 of them. Yeah, I think that's right. So, I am going to show you basically my playlist called Maya Hart's Playlist 2014

1. Avril Lavigne- Here's To Never Growing Up

2. Avril Lavigne- Sk8er Boi

3. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas- This Is Me

4. Rihanna- Take A Bow

5. Christina Aguliera- Your Body

6. Jessie J- Domino

7.  DHT- Listen To Your Heart

8. Megan Nicole- Never Have I Ever

9. State of Shock - Money Honey

10. Taylor Swift - Haunted

So, that was Maya Hart's Playlist 2014 and it's songs. Those weren't nearly all my exact videos, but what do you do? So that's it for now folks!

My Favorite Song

So, I have my favorite song, which is called Listen To Your Heart by DHT and it is a different version of Cascada's Listen To Your Heart. It is my favorite song and I can't stop listening to it. It's such a good song, please nobody listen to it, I will hurt you badly and if you steal it, well it will be the last thing you'll ever do. So I am just posting this because I want it on my blog, Here it is, Listen To Your Heart by DHT.

Don't even listen to it. Play that video and it will be the last thing you ever play. I know if you do. I do. Really. So don't try me. Just don't listen to it. There it is. Don't press the button. Just save it. Okay? You better be listening to me right now, not the song. So, that is my song. Don't listen, again. So, yeah.

Maya Hart - This Is Me!

So, I haven't really posted any pictures of me yet. So I guess that's what I'm here to do now. So...yeah...

So that's me everybody. I'm kinda a rebel or so they say. I guess you can kind of tell, huh? So anyway, that's me and...yeah!